Karim Rashid

Unplanned Brutalism

November 5 - December, 2009

Press Release

Vintage20 is very pleased to announce the opening of Unplanned Brutalism an exhibition of new work by internationally acclaimed designer Karim Rashid. Using innovative modeling technologies and impeccable craftsmanship, Rashid has built a reputation as a leading product designer and tastemaker — with over 3000 works in production. For this highly anticipated show Rashid will present six new designs including variations on standing lamps, side tables, and couches. In each design the boundaries of technical achievement are checked only by the conceptual appetite of the designer.  Rashid has repeatedly drawn on popular culture to inspire his work, appealing to both the dystopian vision of Hollywood and the potential transformative power of superheroes. This curiosity and critical engagement in American entertainment culture and what Rashid calls its obsession with "subversive and nocturnal Armaggedon" was the artist's inspiration for Unplanned Brutalism. But instead of a strictly noir vision, it is Rashid's belief that the combination of power and hope that make superheroes so appealing and important can be translated into forms — a promise he pursues passionately in Unplanned Brutalism. Rashid's six new works in the show displays this optimism in exuberant and eloquent ways by appealing to both a whimsical and sophisticated palette of materials. In the artist's own words, here are descriptions of the works and the heroes that inspired them:  

Kuva – an elastic Mister Fantastic bench 

Galaktik - a flexing Hulk-like sofa

Sofa Kage – an Ironman-like table 

Kaos – a Spiderman inspired lamp 

Ekto – a Wolverine cleaved chair   

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