Press Release

Playing off the double meaning of both psychological and architectural interiors, Vintage20 and Kukje Gallery have collaborated on a series of domestic vignettes that showcase the interplay between art and design. The concept of an "interior space" evokes a personal search for perfect balance, where complimentary forces are in harmony and lifestyle values are integrated. Whether in life or in art, an aesthetic interior arrangement frames an enlightened state of mind. By pairing contemporary paintings and photographs with mid-century modern furnishings, the gallery replicates the mood of a vibrant salon or exquisitely appointed scholar's study, both spaces that suggest great refinement of taste and superior intellect. Many of the twentieth century's most innovative designers were committed to exploring ideals of material innovation and philosophical inquiry and this interest mirrors the fascination avant-garde artists have in creating psychologically provocative works that explore the strange beauty of nature. It is this intersection of beauty and inquiry into the mind that defines the best art and design and is showcased in Interiors.